We provide full security services. This includes but is not limited to: installation and configuration of Free security software, configuration of modems and routers, training on what to look for and how to be secure in your everyday usage. 

Clean Up:
We provide full system clean up. Whether you have viruses, excess software, un-needed processes, slow booting, lack of performance we can provide the services necessary to get you fixed up and running like new. Some times even better than new.

Web Hosting:
We provide full web domain hosting. We can purchase a new domain or keep up an existing domain. We provide full web site support including but not limited to, design and support. We will even move your current hosting to our site free of charge. We have very competitive prices on all domain services.

Custom Computers:
 Whether you need a new computer, your old computer upgraded or replaced, we can provide the services and parts necessary. Our prices can not be beat, we will match any competitors prices on new computer and parts. We also can with time hunt down specific computer parts, be it laptops, monitors, mice, keyboard, etc..

On-Site Support:

We will come to you. We provide this service at no extra charge up to 20 miles away. Beyond 20miles is rated according to distance.
Free Consultations Philosophy:To provide fast, courteous, and reliable services. We will always respect your privacy.We have 15+ years of experiance with all of our services we offer.
Hours: 9:00am-9:00pm Tuesday-Saturday. Extended hours are possible with appointment.

Email: Edward


Location: Ralston, Nebraska